Frequently Asked Questions

I am worried that if I get downloads I am going to lose them somewhere on my hard drive. Are physical copies of the program available?

Yes, physical cds of the program are available. The cds are data cds containing mp3s of the audios. All the documentation is in pdf form on the cds. Cds can be shipped to most addresses worldwide.


It looks like this is geared towards practitioners and I don’t plan to be a practitioner. Is this program right for me?

YES! These tools are perfect for anyone who wants to be better at tapping. Almost all of the tools are things that you can use in your personal tapping and many of the techniques can also be applied to how you help your friends and loved ones.


For example Lesson 8: Meta Models is going to help you communicate better and help people to see how you understand situations regardless of the setting. I use these tools everyday when negotiating contracts, explaining to merchants what I want, and chatting with my friends and family about their daily struggles.


In Class 2 you will hear one of the students say “I am amazed at the number of these things I use everyday in work as a loan officer, working with my clients to understand what they really want and what the real obstacles are.”


What if this program isn’t right for me?

We offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. I can’t imagine you aren’t going to love these audios, but I don’t want you to feel like you are taking a risk. Just send me a note if you are not satisfied and the moment I read your email I will process the refund.


Will I receive a certification at the end of this program?

Before I answer this question I think it is important to understand what certification is and why someone might want certification.


1) Certification is a designation based on the fact that you have demonstrated competence for a particular skill. For example, when you get a university degree you must take classes and demonstrate you understand the information. Most doctors and nurses must complete a residency to demonstrate what they can do before they receive their degree.


Most tapping training gives you a certificate of completion when you have finished. This simply states that you were present, but it doesn’t state that you have demonstrated in any way that you have mastered the information.


2) I think there are three reasons why someone would want certification. First, if it were a legal requirement. In the US you can’t diagnose and treat a patient without a medical certification. Second, it builds credibility. Possible clients are going to see your certification and believe you are qualified to do this work. Third, you learn something and get better. This should really be part of any training we do.


There is no certification required by law in the US to allow me to tap with someone and there is no tapping certification that will allow me to do more work than I am doing right now.


With the majority of my clients, I am the one who is introducing tapping to them. I have already built my credibility with them in other ways and, as they have no experience in the tapping world, they would not understand any certifications I have.


There is no certification at the end of this program. If you need a certification for reasons one or two then you might want to explore another training option.


I do believe that this will meet reason number three for certification. You are going to learn a lot with this program and it is going to make you a better tapper right away.


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