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Please read all the information on this page to insure you can get the most out of this affiliate program. Let me know if you have any questions. On this page you will find:


Affilate Sign Up and Log In

I use to manage my affiliate program. Here is a short video I made that will walk you through the sign-up, sign-in, and how to get your hop-links for your web site and newsletter. (Sign In/Sigh Up)

Sign In/Sigh Up



Affiliates will be paid via paypal on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales. Affiliate sales made before the official launch dates will not be credited to your account.


Affiliate Newsletter:

I have set up a special mailing list just for affiliate. I will only be sending you emails when necessary. This is will be very important for the first few weeks as I will be adding lots of promo tools for you to use.



Commission Rate:

  • You will receive 50% of all sales.


Affiliate Sales Bonuses:

  • Between Sept 8th and Oct 10th three (3) $300 amazon gift cards will be given away in an affiliate drawing. You will receive one entry in the drawing for every sale you are credited.
  • One (1) $300 amazon gift card will be given to the affiliate who has the most sales credited to them during this time period.


Product Details

    10 hours of Audio

    • Lesson 1: 13 Foundations to Healing With Tapping That Every Practitioner Should Master
    • Lesson 2: 18 Lessons From 10 Masters of Healing
    • Lesson 3: Hypnotic Patter and Language
    • Lesson 4: Guided Imagery
    • Lesson 5: Parts Work
    • Lesson 6: Age Regression
    • Lesson 7: Time Lines, Forgiveness Work, and Score Boards Oh My!
    • Lesson 8: Meta Models

    • PowerPoint From All Presentation – All 8 lessons were originally taught live with PowerPoint. You will receive copies of all PowerPoint slides so you can follow along.
    • Transcripts of All Classes – Not everyone learns in the exact same way and sometimes it is easier to read through the transcript to find that one point you were looking for instead of searching through an audio file.
    • 4 Hours Of Question and Answers About The Material – For the first 4 months that this program is available I am going to give you a chance to ask any questions you want about material. Each month I am going record the answer to these questions. You will be given access to all the questions asked by everyone and the transcripts of these audios.
    • 1/2 Price One-On-One Coaching Session – Do you have questions about the material covered in the class, about other topics, or looking for someone to talk through a tough client with? You will be able to have a One-On-One coaching session with me to ask anything you want.
    • Four Sessions Audios – Want to hear exactly how I use these tools with my clients? You will receive four audio sessions of me working with real clients. There are two audios for each session. Audio one is an uninterrupted version of the session so you can get the flow. Audio two is interrupted from time to time with me explaining what I was thinking and why I did what I did each step of the way.
    • Two Bonus Hours of Teaching (+ transcripts) – Since doing this live event I have added 2 more hours of advance training.


Promo Tools:

I am working on web copy, newsletter copy, and twitter copy to help you in your marketing efforts. You will be notified when that it added to the site.


I will also be producing a short video that you will be able to link to or embed in your site.


Here are images that you can use on your site. Please let me know if you would like any of these images in a different size.
(download link)


(download link)


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Please let me know (link) if you have questions about anything.