5 Free Advanced Tapping Technique Videos

Hi! My name is Gene Monterastelli and I Baltimore, MD based EFT practitioner.


I love EFT and love the amazing things it has done in my life and the lives of my clients.


One of the reasons I love tapping so much is because we can combine it with so many other techniques. To that end over the last 5 years I have spent thousands of hours and over $15,000 expanding my tapping tool set.


I want to share 5 of these tools that I have added to my tapping toolbox free of charge. Just sign up at the right and over the next 5 days you will receive one training video a day.


You will even receive the link to the first video right when you confirm your e-mail address.


I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I did put them together.



PS: Please let me know if you have questions or any trouble downloading the videos. Drop Gene a note!