Tired Of Superficial Results, Being Unsure Of Core Issues, And Healing That Just Doesn’t Last?

It’s Time To Take Your Tapping Your EFT/Tapping To The Next Level

I was recently asked by an aspiring practitioner “How do I get better at tapping with my clients?” I explained:

Tapping can be taught in just a few minutes. (I know I have done it in under five on the back of a bar napkin.)

The real skill when it comes to working with clients (as well as doing our own work) is not so much how to tap, but instead how to help our clients tune into the issues at hand to tap on, with, and for. That is the real skill.

And…(this is the hard part)…it is much more of an art than a science.

Adding Tapping Tools

The most important question to ask when tapping is, “How is it working for you?” Even if we don’t do this in a conscious way we are doing this all the time.

We might read an article or find a new set up phrase and give it a try. If it works we do it again. If it doesn’t we try something else. The things that work the most we keep doing.

Without even knowing it we add another tool to our tool box and the more of these tools and approaches we can add to our toolbox the more effective we are as practitioners.

But it doesn’t have to happen in a trial and error sort of way. You can add tools right now!

Sharing My Tool Set

Over the last 7 years I have been slowly building my own tool set. I have consumed books, DVDs, and attended live trainings. I subscribe to over 50 newsletters and I spend 3 to 5 hours a week just working on improving my own skills.

I have studied NLP, hypnosis, age regression, parts work, neurological function, and guided imagery. I have spent hours with psychologists, doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and psychiatrists picking their brains about what they have learned in their work.

I have spent hundreds of hours and well over $15,000 on building my tool set.

And I want to share that tool set with you.

The Best of the Best

I want to share the best of the best from what I have learned. To that end I have created Advanced Tapping Techniques Training. (I really wanted to call it “Kick-*** Tapping Techniques” but I was worried I might offend.)

I have taken my favorite tools, broken them down into simple steps, and presented them in such a way that you can start them today!

What is taught?

I like presenting things in easy to use chunks so that you can take what you learn and start using it right away. The class is organized into 8 lessons.

  • Lesson 1: 13 Foundations to Healing With Tapping That Every Practitioner Should Master
  • Lesson 2: 18 Lessons From 10 Masters Of Healing
  • Lesson 3: Hypnotic Patter And Language
  • Lesson 4: Guided Imagery
  • Lesson 5: Parts Work
  • Lesson 6: Age Regression
  • Lesson 7: Time Lines, Forgiveness Work, and Score Boards Oh My!
  • Lesson 8: Meta Models

(For a full description of each lesson please see the end of this note)

Each of these lessons is designed to stand alone. You can start with any topic you want. I love this training because you don’t have to complete it all to improve what you doing. Each step of the way you will be able to do new things with your tapping.

The moment you hit stop on any of the audios you are going to be ready to try the techniques.

You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It

Here is what some of the students who were present for the recording of this class had to say:

 Gene is a consummate teacher, and his classes are packed with useful, timely information that can immediately be put into use. It’s rare to find a teacher whose intellect is matched equally by a generous spirit. I’d recommend this class to anyone who wants to surge forward in either their own work or their practice 


 I think what I most appreciated is how Gene seems to have incorporated the study of hypnosis, NLP, and EFT. He demonstrated how each type of change work complements the other and how they can, together, make the process stronger. 

Jack Bowers

 As a professional in the therapy field I am thrilled at the ease with which Gene presents complex material and clarifies with such ease what could be intimidating. He has one of those voices that resounds with enthusiasm, gentleness, and wisdom. He knows his stuff! He knows how to share it! 

Helen Kauffman MSW

 Gene has an understanding of human nature and behavior that most people don’t achieve in their lifetime.  He’s wonderful about sharing and explaining.  He brings a refreshing outlook to teaching techniques.  As a practitioner I learned new ways of looking at EFT that I will incorporate into my practice immediately.  So, my advice to you is that even if you feel you know this stuff, take advantage and learn from Gene whenever you get the opportunity.  You owe it to yourself. 

Wendy Merron WendyMerron.com

 Gene is incredibly gifted in his ability to integrate and present a tremendous amount of knowledge in way that is easy to understand and learn. I am very particular about what I invest my time and money in as both of them have great value I can honestly say that Gene met and exceeded all of my expectations for the training. I have directed family and friends to his podcasts and website and will now recommend his trainings. If you are considering signing up for one of his courses do not hesitate, they are well worth the investment 

Tami Koepp, MSW, LGSW)

But That’s Not All

In addition to the training audios I have these 6 bonuses to sweeten the deal:

Transcripts of All Classes

Not everyone learns in the exact same way and sometimes it is easier to read through a note to find that one point you were looking for instead of searching through an audio file. This is over 150 pages of content!

Two Bonus Lessons(plus transcripts)

Since doing this event I have added two more advanced tools. The lesson on “Making sure you are solving the right problem” has revolutionized the way I do work.

4 Hours Of Questions And Answers About The Material (plus transcripts)

For the first 4 months that this program is available I am going to give you a chance to ask any questions you want about the material. Each month I am going record the answers to these questions. You will be given access to all the questions asked by everyone and the transcripts of these audios.

Audios of Four Sessions

Want to hear exactly how I use these tools with my clients? You will receive four audio sessions of me working with real clients. There are two audios for each session. Audio one is an uninterrupted version of the session so you can get the flow. Audio two is interrupted from time to time with me explaining what I was thinking and why I did what I did each step of the way.

1/2 Price One-On-One Coaching Session

Do you have questions about the material covered in the class, about other topics, or looking for someone to talk through a tough client with?  You will be able to have a One-On-One coaching session with me to ask anything you want.

PowerPoint From All Presentations

All 8 lessons were originally taught live with PowerPoint. You will receive copies of all PowerPoint slides so you can follow along.

Marketing Mumbo Jumbo

This is the part in the note where I am supposed to tell you how much all the bonuses are worth so you see the value in what you are getting. You are getting all the PowerPoint slides, all the transcripts, 4 hours of Q and A, four client sessions where you see these tools in action, and two bonus hours of training. (And that doesn’t even include the discount on the one-on-one coaching.)

I know these bonus materials are worth as much (if not more) than the price of the training program itself. I could tell you exactly what I would charge for each of these pieces. You might believe me, or you might think it is some marketing trick.

I know this for certain: this is A LOT of added value and it will transform the way you tap with yourself and the way you tap with clients.

$300 Off

The full price of this package is going to be $797. I think it is worth that and much more, but until Feb 15st I am going to give you $300 off that price.

From now until Feb 15th the total Advanced Training Package is only $497. That is a 38% saving.


We also have a monthly payment plan.


I know this is going to take your tapping to the next level, but if for some reason it doesn’t work for you let me know. I don’t want you to spend your money in a way that isn’t useful. Just drop me a note in the first 30 days and I will refund all your money. No questions asked.

I know this is going to transform the way you tap. You owe it to yourself to grown your tool set. Do it now!

PS: Imagine what it is going to be like to get longer lasting results faster.

# # # # #

Full Descriptions Of Audio/Video Content


Lesson 1 (pre-class audios/videos): 12 Foundations To Healing With Tapping That Every Practitioner Should Master

In over two hours of audio and videos we will cover:


  • Tapping: Not the basic recipe as a formula, but comprehensive way of seeing tapping protocols
  • Everything We Experience Is Internal. Everything We Experience Is Interpretation.
  • The Three Minds
  • Models of Information
  • The Client As An Eye Witness To Their Own Life (Conference Room Of The Mind)
  • Everything Exists To Serve Us AKA: The Power Of Thanksgiving
  • Resistance To Change
  • Pain Vs. Suffering
  • Stages Of Awareness
  • Inspired Action Vs. Inspired Outcome
  • Desire Without Emotional Attachment


These foundations are presented as pre-class recordings because I want to give you the opportunity to listen and watch these audios/videos a number of times to make sure we are all on the same page vocabulary wise. This will insure that we are going to be able to dive into the advanced concepts right away. We will spend time answering questions about this material at the beginning of the course.

Lesson 2: 18 Lessons From 10 Masters Of Healing

There is much to be learned from great teachers and great masters in many different healing fields. We can learn from their teachings, how they learned themselves, and how they worked with clients. In this section we will look at 18 different lessons from giants in the healing fields that have transformed the way I work. If you master even a handful of these lessons, it will immediately transform your work.

Lesson 3: Hypnotic Patter and Language

The lessons I have learned from hypnosis have affected not only the way I talk to and communicate with my clients, but every interaction that I have during the day. There are two main skills we can learn from hypnosis: building rapport and navigation/guidance.


    RAPPORT: If we are NOT able to build rapport and gain the trust of our clients then it is going to be very difficult for us to do work. In this lesson we will explore the way a hypnotist uses language before, while inducing, and during a trance. We don’t have to hypnotize our clients to use these tools to help us to create a relationship of trust as well as more easily guiding our clients to finding their root issues. Because of the nature of hypnosis this rapport is essential and, knowing this, a good hypnotist is working on building rapport even before they speak with the client the first time. There is much tappers can learn from this.


    NAVIGATION/GUIDANCE: In fact all hypnosis is nothing more than self-hypnosis. A hypnotist is nothing more than a navigator. They are providing instruction and guidance as the client works their way to root causes and transformation. There is much we can learn from this approach when helping our tapping clients. Not only will this approach help us to get out of our clients’ way, but also we can learn how better to help clients transform.


Lesson 4: Guided Imagery

Most of the emotional work we do with clients is done in the subconscious mind. (Note: A comprehensive video lesson on the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds is part of the pre-class work.) We don’t have direct access to change the subconscious mind (and this is a good thing). Using guided imagery is a gentle and powerful way to create transformation at the subconscious level. In this lesson you will learn the seven steps I use in guided imagery that allows the client’s subconscious to lead us to the root of the issue plus the concept of “fairytale physics” which will unlock your client’s creativity.

Lesson 5: Parts Work

There is no tool that I use more than parts work. Over 90% of the sessions I do use some form of parts work. When we help a client approach their issues through the lens of a part we are able to help them to focus in on a small part of something that is much too big to deal with at once AND we are able to discover the solutions to the problem that the system already has. This is the most power tool I have in my tool kit. In this lesson you will learn the many different types of parts work (including parts mediation) that can be done, how gently to get the client to find their way to root causes, and how to empower clients to use these tools and resources after the session so that their healing can continue.

Lesson 6: Age Regression

Age regression is a very specific type of parts work, so I devote a complete lesson to this approach. In age regression we are working with the younger version of the client. (Anytime we are thinking of a past memory it is a version of age regression). In this lesson we will not only look at what age regression is, but we will look at how we can easily bridge back into the past to find the root of an issue, determine if we have worked back to the earliest memory, and how to heal/transform once we are in contact with these earlier parts.

Lesson 7: Time Lines, Forgiveness Work, and Score Boards Oh My!

In this lesson I am going to cover three of my favorite tools in my tapping arsenal. I never plan to use these tools, but there are times when working with clients that it will become obvious that one of these three tools will help a client much quicker than just tapping on the thought or emotion they are feeling. These tools are simple to use, each with a uncomplicated step-by-step formula.

Lesson 8: Meta Models

It is amazing how inaccurate our language is when we are describing what is going on in our lives. “Everyone at works hates me!” “I am never going to get ahead!” “I can’t do it!” There might be a kernel of truth in these statements, but they are not true. The problem comes when we approach the world as if they are true. Meta Models is a set of tools that helps us to recognize the logical fallacies in our thoughts and words that are affecting our actions and choices. In this part we will explore the 10 most common meta models, ways of helping our clients to see the flaws, and ways to help clients transform these beliefs. In the practical part of this lesson participants will get the chance to work through real client case histories to practice identifying and reframing these meta models.